SMART Board Mobile Carts:
Give full mobility and flexibility to your SMART Board

Whether you need to move a SMART Board from classroom to classroom or you need a portable and flexible solution that caters to early childhood and special needs students, we can assist you.

Mobility for all

The Copernicus i-Rover makes it easy to move a SMART™ Board and projector and computer from one classroom to another without having to worry about separate carts and wires.

In addition, the Copernicus i-Rover enables teachers to quickly set-up a SMART Board without having to re-adjust the projector or orient the SMART Board.

This is the perfect way to introduce SMART™ Boards to teachers and get them familiar and comfortable with the technology.

Flexible Learning Station for Special Needs Chidren

The satalight™ is an Assistive Technology Interactive Learning Station, accessible to people with significant physical and/or learning disabilities, including those in wheelchairs. The cornerstone of the satalight™ is ease-of-use.

With its innovative design, the satalight™ increases one-to-one student/teacher interaction by allowing educators to engage students with physical & developmental disabilities, who become more independent through learning problem solving skills.